The wordlist is mainly generated from the processed wordlists that were part of the elicitation package (see Project design and data collection). That is reflected in the category labels: ASJPlist, Kinship and Numerals.

Selecting an item gives you a) a map of the region with the languages plotted and a label displaying a transcription for each language, b) a list displaying the languages alphabetically with the transcribed item for each. For a subset of the items, audio recordings are linked.

We have aimed at providing a broad phonetic transcription of each item, using the International Phonetic Alphabet. While it is our intention to give each item an accurate written representation, the primary objective was not to represent phonemes or to consistently reflect language-internal phonological contrasts.

Elicitation of kinship terms turned out to be particularly challenging. Although conscious efforts were made to carefully explain and guide the consultants prior to the recording sessions, we are aware that some of the terms listed, in a few of the languages, most likely are explanatory terms rather than reference terms actually used in the local community.

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